Monday, October 20, 2008

Things on my mind

* What is God going to do in our church next? I read Perry's blog and see what God is doing there at New Spring Church! Perry is constantly saying that God is "blowing him away" and I can't imagine because I am blown away by what God is doing here! (or overwhelmed) When you think about King David before he was a king he was a simple shepherd! But you didn't here him saying "God make me a king" but he was talking about what God doing in His life (killing lions, killing bears not much?). I look forward to the place God takes me to but I don't want to miss what He's doing now.

* Who will win the world series?

* Will we have 50 in Sunday school this sunday? Yes we will!!! (By the way we had 11 in July)

* The BCS ranking system stinks!!!!!!!!!!!

* How did my wife get so beautiful??????????

* But why does she like "Dancing With The Stars"? (I am glad she's beautiful!!!)

* I want to go camping!!! (That would be awesome)

* I would like a fire place and someone to cut wood for me!

* Why did God not make me Beautiful! (Seriously Abby is beautiful and I am not! GRACE!)

* If we had a dictator we would not have to worry about the elections! I'm Jonathan Ayers and I approve and endorse this gossip I mean ad!

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