Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thought's about December

1. I am excited about our services this month. On Sunday mornings I am preaching a series called "For unto us a child is born". This coming sunday we are talking about "The Choice"

2. I am ready for our new year. I think it will be the greatest year in Shoal Creek history! I want this to be a year that we celebrate Jesus!

3. I am getting a hair cut today! The shag is gone.

4. I am excited about our Christmas program. It is going to be one of the most things I have ever seen.

5. I am asking everyone that we begin praying for this month and begging God to pour out His life into our Church and the churches around us.

6. I am working on a date for our prayer revival!

7. On December the 13 we are going to have 12 hours of prayer for our Christmas service.

8. I can't wait for Christmas! (I LOVE PRESENTS)

By the way our theme for Christmas is "Santa's gotta brand new bag"! Just kidding!

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