Friday, January 2, 2009

The little things

Wow! I am in my ninth year of ministry and I am more pumped about who Jesus is than ever before. I just got into Daniel and God is really grabing my heart with some simple truths. Here are a few things he has showed me!

1. Even when we are in a place that's not home God can still use us. There is so many who want to be somewhere different and the bottom line is if we can't be thankful about where we are chances are we will not be thankful if we go somewhere else. For example: The other day I was thinking about Perry Noble and him watching as thousands pour into New Spring each week and I thought man if we had that here I would cry every week, then God gave me an awesome thought! If I can't cry about the forty we have have then why would God want to trust me when I say I would cry over a thousand.

2. God can do alot with a little! Daniel and his three Hebrew friends ate only vegtables and God took them to the top! There is a good childrens lesson in there somewhere.

3. Sometimes, ok! Most of the time we can't see what God is doing in situation but know He is still working for us.

More to come!

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