Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday's top ten list

10- Our bloodhound came home! Saturday we had a little melt down from our bloodhound and he ran away! We looked all day for him and had pretty much given up hope. Then yesterday morning he came walking back up and least to say he's grounded.

9- Our Sunday school class is getting fired up about missions and that excites me.

8- We announced that we are launching a new class in March.

7- So many ladies left encouraged about their selves yesterday. we at looked at the woman in Proverbs 31 and challenged ladies that they could become more confident in who they were because of the Lord.

6- Abby and Jeanette led the church in "Holy Spirit Rain Down" and it changed the whole attitude of the service

5- Last night it seemed God really grew several of us. We are looking at maturity in the Christians life in a series called "All grown up". Lets face it God wants us to grow and if we are not it's our fault. The veil is torn and we are the only ones who try sew it back together with our lifestyle.

4- Outreach works! We had 5 new people yesterday that were contacted this week!

3- I had the best nap ever in between services! Seriously, I drooled all over myself! It was awesome.

2- When the ladies raised their hands to declare that they did not feel beautiful it broke my heart. We even had a guy raise his hand. I think he misunderstood.

1- Seeing the guys who came and prayed for the ladies in our church and that God would help them to feel beautiful!

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