Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This wednesday will be the eight anniversary of my surrendering to God's call on my life to preach the Gospel. There's a few things I wished I would have done different and a few things I am glad I done the same.

Things done Different:
1. I wished I had been myself earlier instead of waiting until recently
2. I wished I had spent more time with Jesus and less time preparing messages
3. I wished I would have had a better understanding about leading
4. I wished I been more accountable to those around me
5. I wished I would have worried less about what people thought and more about what Jesus thought
6. I wished I would preached less and prayed more
7. I wished I would have noticed more about the life of Jesus than about other pastors
8. I wished I shared the Gospel with one more person
9. I wished I would have loved Jesus one ounce more than I do now

But I can't change any of this so I press ahead to the next eight

Things I am glad I did do:

1. Surrendered to God's call on my life
2. Made myself available
3. I am glad when those I loved thought I shouldn't go into a certain ministry situation I felt God's leading me I went any how
4. I am glad I have put my wife before ministry
5. I am glad I have learned that my intimate times with Jesus is not preparing a sermon
6. I am glad that I waited to go to school until now. (The reason being I believe God is able to take what I've become and sharpen it into a what He wants and not what a seminary thinks I should be)
7. I am thankful that I have listened to those who have godly wisdom around me and grown from their advice

Both of these list could go on and on but I believe you get the picture!

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