Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tough times or not?

Wow! Do not watch tv right now unless you woke up this morning thinking "I want to be depressed"! The stock market had the worst single day drop in history yesterday, our government don't really know what to do, and news reporters are idiots (just being truthful). Everyone has an opinion and so do I! I think the church more than ever needs to be the church! We need to be and do what God designed us for and quit worrying about something the Bible teaches that God is in complete control of (the future)!

I know that we have been spoiled as a country and it scares us to death to even think of what will happen. But let me say that there is an oppritunity right now that we usally do not have and that is fear in the hearts of people. Many in this country have an indestructable attitude at times and when times like this hit it brings fear. But we know that we don't have a "Spirit of fear" and so we should use this time to share the Gospel and encourage the world around us. This place is not it for us if we are Christians, it is not the end, it is not where our hope is found, and it is simply the beginning of eternity for us. So here are a few tips from scripture:

1. Don't act in haste (You don't have to build a bomb shelter or nothing like that)

2. Pray (If God is in control then shouldn't we turn to Him)

3. Fix me a Banana Pudding (well it would make me feel better) (Not Biblical)

4. Turn your TV off and go to Colossians and read the whole book!

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