Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Night

We had 36 in Sunday school! I know that we had been praying for 40 but I would like to say one thing. PRAISE GOD!!!! That's right Praise God. We didn't have 40 but He's still on the throne. By the way we had three families out tonight and we still had 36 which is the most we have had in Sunday school in a long time! We averaged 31 for the month and that's after we averaged 18 in August! Sweet Sassy Malasy!!! That's like 75% growth! People were excited tonight and I believe it was the loudest I have heard our Church in my life! I am now praying for 50! If we get 50 I will let the Deacons shave my head! I think! One last thought I know we lost yesterday and I have one thing to say "How bout them Dawgs". I hate good time fans. Georgia and Clemson fans are getting on my nerves. I was a Dawg fan back when we were 6-6 and was hoping to play in the toilet bowl. Notre Dame fans are awesome they always pack South Bend out. I remember a few years back when we beat Florida and then lost to Aurburn the following week and fans were throwing bottles on the field. OK I'm done! Good night

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