Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Unchurched Next Door

That's the title of a book I am reading right now and it's good! I am not concerned with those who are in other churches, but if they need a place to go we would probably let them in (maybe). I am concerned about those who don't know Christ. As I began to read this book there is eight questions asked and so I thought I would throw them out there for you to read!

1. How is your prayer life?
Don't even think that you are going to an effective witness if your prayer life stinks

2. Whom did you tell about Jesus today?
The best way to be a witness...........be a witness! Seriously just start sharing Christ!

3. How is your family life?
If we do not have healthy families then we will not be a healthy witness.

4. Do you need to reconcile with someone?
Is there anyone who things are not right with in your life?

5. Are you handeling your finances and possessions biblically?
If you haven't given your material things to God then you will an ineffective witness

6. Are you committed to your church?
We must be in a church that we love despite it's flaws and imperfections.

7. Do you love others unconditionally?
When we reach out to others they are not going to always be like us, so can we still love them
the way we love ourselves or those like us?

8. Do you have an attitude of gratitude?
Do you have a attitude that speaks joy to the hearts of others?

I thought they were good!

One last thing, if you are a human and reading this go and see the movie"Fire Proof". We went last night and it was awesome! There were a lot I got punched in the throat with during this movie but one thing stood out. Excitment!!! How many people are not excited about their spouse anymore? I never want to take Abby for granted, she is more than I deserve. The movie impacted me so much that as we were leaving the theatre I saw this couple walking out and I said to the guy "I love my wife more than you love yours". ( just kidding wanted to but I didn't)

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