Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The wineskin in smoke

That was the message that Johnny Hunt preached last night at Hopewell Baptist church in Gainesville GA. He was speaking of a troubled soul and here a few things I wrote down.

- The first thing that happens in a troubled soul is the eyes grow dim. You see he said that a wineskin in smoke (119 Psalm 81-88) is rendered useless and that's how some Christians we're feeling, useless! When we begin to feel this way in life our eyes grow dim.

-Our position in Christ is more important than our location

- Pray (be simple and specific) this was good he brought a great point about our prayer life when he said "when we're praying we try to be so sophisticated but when we're in trouble we cry out and that's where we have to get in our everyday prayer."

-The committed will get more committed before the uncommitted get's committed. Here's a thought I had this morning on that. The temperature rises in a room and the warmer it's get around you the warmer you get. There are people around us who "cold as ice"and we need to turn it up a notch so that they might start warming up!

-On an awesome note he said that they baptized 5000 one afternoon in Africa on a mission trip a while back.

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