Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not much has changed

Just a few thoughts from the time I spent with God this morning. We all go through hard times, times when our plans are turned upside down and nothing makes since in life. I read in my devotional this morning three questions we can ask ourselves when those times come.

1. What’s the worst-case scenario? Most of the time our set backs are inconveniences and not reasons for failure.

2. Is God still in control? The obvious answer is yes! God holds the affairs of this world in one hand while with the other He changes me for His glory.

3. What help is available to me here? Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust you, whose thoughts are fixed on you!”

We have a new president, new senators, new representatives, a new day, and yet we still have a God who has not changed!!! As for as I can see people are still lost, still hurting, still searching, and I believe that a republican or a democrat isn’t the answer for these people. The answer is Jesus. Hundreds of thousands poured out to Arizona and to Illinois last night to support these men running for our president and yet no one at all hardly showed up when one man gave His life at a place called Calvary. You see Jesus, He came to support us. I will pray for Obama, as I did Bush, because he is our president and God’s word says for me to do this but I have one King and His name is Jesus.

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