Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's Important?

That's a question that so many in our country are wrestling with at this moment. For those who don't have jobs or are on the brink of losing those jobs the economy looks takes up most of their attention. Even for those who don't have any worries about their jobs have still been affected by the recent plunge in our econmy. Yesterday I was on my way back from Anderson and I begin to think about the Bible and I came up with a few simple questions that we may need to ask ourselves every now and then.

1. Do we believe it from front to back?

Think about that for a moment! Do we really believe every thing about this book? The promises, the truth, the wrath of God toward sin, that Daniel took over the lions den, and the list goes on. The reason behind this question is because if we believe this to be the truth then it will dictate how we live. In other words it will cause us to see what's important in life.

2. If we do believe it are we applying it to our lives?

The greatest purpose for reading God's word is to apply it to our lives. In our every day living we allow it to point us in the direction we need to go. This takes humility! We are so prideful and hate admitting when we need help.

Here's a statment
3. If we do believe it and we do apply it, then things like the economy become a little smaller in view of what's important in life!

Imagine this: You have a tyrant as the leader of your nation, most people have very little in terms of possessions, your the minority, people who believe the way you do are losing their lives, and yet you believe that God's word is the only thing to stand on. To me, that's Paul! Our nations problem is not a lack of money, rather it's a lack of faith in God. When a nation removes itself from truth it does not stand long.

Things I am excited about:

My wife (she da bomb! yeah, yeah, I know I am not a good gangsta)

Christmas (I love presents! And you do too)

Our Christmas singing (Abby has worked so hard on this! Hey babe, I'm proud of you)

This Sunday night(Movie night for everyone: no sunday school, no preaching)

The last two weeks of the this month (The prodigal son series called: LOST)

Unleash: Seriously if you haven't been to this conference GO!

What I am not excited about!

Turkey and dressing (blahhhhhhhh!)

Basketball (OK for those of you who like basketball have fun, I hate it. For me it simply means more time with God. By the way, I think Jesus likes college footbal better too!)

Turkey and dressing (I just can't get off this. Let's grill hamburgers this year, I could be thankful for that)

Here's a funny thought that just came to me. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we spend time with our family more than we do any other time of the year. Is it just me or if we like them so much then why don't we go see them the rest of the year. Just a thought!!! I am not talking about our family (Rebecca) I am talking about others.

OK! I have to stop, I just ran out of Mountain Dew and I have to find another one! Help me Jesus!

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Abby said...

You want me to buy you some mt. dew for chrstimas since your running out? AND WE WILL BE HAVING TURKEY AND DRESSING FOR THANKSGIVING!You can just eat Mt. Dew!
Love Mom