Sunday, November 23, 2008

Faith Becomes Reality

"Faith Becomes Reality" is our theme for the upcoming year. I asked our church tonight if they would join me in celebrating Jesus. I seriously want us to take serious the act of "celebration". I want us to celebrate everything! Today we started a two week series on the Prodigal Son and I tell you God has really challenged me to celebrate life the way the father did in this incredable story. I have a prayer to see over a hundred people in our worship for Easter. I don't want to talk about a hundred people I want that to become reality. Jesus is a reality and we talk about faith like it's a fairy tale and it's kind of like the thing to do; well, because we're Christians. In the upcoming year I am asking God to bring some things into reality.


Abby said...

I think this is a great theme for the upcoming year. I think it brings out the need for us to be intentional in living the Christian life. It is not something that we talk about, dream about, or worry about . . . it needs to become a reality in all of our lives. You are so creative!

intraemployed said...


We miss you guys.
Mark, Charlotte, Andrew