Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Exciting Times

Here are some things I am excited about right now.

1. On January 25-28 we are having a prayer revival. Lets face it revival is for the church and if we are going to see revival it is going to start with us on our faces before a holy God

2. The message series in January it is going to fire Shoal Creek up.

3. Our childrens ministry (On January the 7th we are kicking off Team Kid)

4. The message series for Febuary. (This is going to kick butt) we are going to focus in on the family and do some pretty incredable stuff that month)

5. The month of March we are going to have two Sundays in which we are going to try out some Home groups/small groups

6. Also, in March we are going to have a campaign for 20 souls in 29 days.

7. I am praying now for a special easter service

8. No more school work for a month (thank you Jesus)

10. Presents and candies for Christmas.


Some thought's about my wife

I have the greatest wife in the whole world. Everyday my love for her grows to a place it's never been before. For those of you who know us you must know that Abby is the most awesome person in the world to spend each day with. From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed it's intresting. Sometimes I think what life would be without her and I have to say that I would rather die than spend one moment without her. Today she came home and she was wearing a red dress and her hair was straight and I was like "HOW YOU DOIN". And I tell you what's awesome about her she can not wear makeup and she is still as pretty as can be. I love you babe.

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