Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lights Out

- Tonight we had around 84 people in our service. The most we have had since July is 54. So uh Praise God.

-But this was the highlight of the night. One person came to Christ.

-I and Abby are worn out. But it's a good worn out.

-This Sunday is going to be a challenging message. "How will we remember Jesus?"

-We got our projectors up and running that was pretty awesome.

-Just got finished with my finals

-Two last thought's for the night my wife was amazing tonight. She led this service in a way that anyone could learn from.

- Final thought: Jesus is deeper than our wildest imagination. We can't even fathom the master piece that he has configured in His mind known as humans. Seriously Jesus wants complete this master piece, will we let Him?

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