Sunday, December 7, 2008

Final thoughts

Today was good! We had an solid service this morning but tonight was awesome. We had a time to simply pray about all that's going on in our church. Man, prayer is awesome and our people truly responded tonight. They really opened up and shared what was on their heart. The point behind the service tonight was to encourage our people to ask God for what they were wanting and be specific. Most Christians are kind of like malnurished children. Other thoughts before bed time!

-I can't wait for our Christmas program

-I will be glad when this week is over I've got finals this week and I am done until January.

-I am so sleepy that it's not even funny (I've preached or taught nine times since last Sunday which has flat worn me out but it's awesome)

-I really want to see "Christmas vacation" and "It's a wonderful life"

-Go Dabo! Clemson is not my favorite football team but I like Dabo!

-I can't wait for December the 19th because that's the day Christmas vacation starts at Stephens County high school and that means Abby will be home for two weeks and I wish she was here all the time.

-I am giving up the ghost see you guys later!

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