Saturday, December 6, 2008

The wedding

I performed a wedding ceremony today and had a few thoughts!

1. There was so much excitement between the bride groom. So many have lost that excitement with their savior (and their spouse)

2. There was nothing but nervousness before the ceremony but when the bride and groom saw each other they forgot everything.

3. The passion! Passion is our key to be our and we loose our passion then we burn out.

4. They had their song. We have a song in our heart some have quit singing.

5. The kiss! Man do we know how much Jesus want's to be intimate with us.

6. There was so many people their watching! Heck with watching I want to be of the intimacy.

7. When the ceremony was over and the watchers were gone it was just the bride and the groom. There comes a time when we have to rely fully on our relationship with Christ.

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