Friday, December 19, 2008

How To Ignore The Critics

This is the last post on Criticism and probably the most important. We are surrounded by critics who may not agree with everything we're doing in life. Here are three things that we should consider!

1. Consider the source! The most amazing thing in the world is that someone will be a critic and when it comes down to it they are miserable themselves. There are people throughout ministry who criticized decisions I've made and the bottom line is they couldn't make a decision if their life depended on it. I am not in this for people I am in it for Jesus and when I become a people pleaser instead of a God pleaser I should quit.

2. Consider security! Face it we live in a world of security. We want secure jobs, secure hopes, secure dreams, and a secure lifestyle. Can I be honest, I do not want to die with a dream in my heart. As a matter of fact I would rather die broke and say that tried to reach my dreams, then to die with a dream that I never went after. Yes Christians dream! I see Shoal Creek (SC) reaching the people form all nations, I see SC reaching those who are not like us, I SC reaching as for as God will allow us to, I SC being a powerhouse for Jesus Christ, I see my wife loving her husband more then anyone else because of the way he treats her, I see my kids (hopefully one day) looking back with their nieces and nephews and saying "boy he sure loved Jesus", I see me leading a group of Christians who will take on hell with a water gun (I stole that one from Perry Noble)

3. Consider the Savior! He had critics surround Him from the time He was born until He ascended back to heaven. By the way Jesus was no push over He was the "Lion of Judah". I will be honest: I like loving savior, but I love conqueror. When we face the critics who don't like the life we are living for Christ remember He's been there already.

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