Saturday, December 20, 2008

I got your back!

I got your back! You ever heard that from someone only to find out they don't have your back. I told a friend once that I was fixing to make a decision that might cause me to lose some friends. The guiys told me if they turned their back on me they weren't my friend in the frist place. Here some things to think about when you try to figure out who your real friends are.

1. Who's there when things get tough? There are some people who will say the famous Christian quote "I will pray for you". Sometimes we need a friend who will put legs on the prayer.

2. Are they truthful? We don't need yes men around us! We need people who are going to be honest with us whether we are right or wrong.

3. Are they in love with Jesus? If you don't have people who are in love with Jesus you better evaluate these so called friends. You can an awesome athlete and surround him with a sorry team and he will stink. You can have an average athlete and surround him with talent and bam you will make that guy that is getting the job done. If you have friends around you who love Jesus you will see your love for Jesus increase.

4. Do you feel closer to Jesus after being with them?

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