Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ten things I want from Jesus this Christmas

1. Boldness! Boldness to be what Christ wants me to be. Boldness to speak truth even when it's not the conventional thing to do.

2. Character! The world doesn't want another sermon they want Chrisitans who are going to quit playing church and be the real deal.

3. Humility! Pride consumes us. I want to be humble enough to shed tears and still be a man, step down and still be stong, hit my knees because I am helpless without Jesus.

4. Love, Jesus style! You know sometimes this is tough love. To love people when it's not the easy thing to do. To love people when they are not loving back.

5. Dedication! I want to sell out for Jesus I mean give it all up for Him.

6. A church that is in love with Jesus! I am serious, I am tired of being apart of a church where God is not changing lives. So my answer to this don't change churches or place blame on something. Rather, let's turn to Jesus.

7. Accountability partners! I need someone who will ask the tough questions. I need someone who is going to look me in the eye and say it's time to step up!

8. A fresh passion for Christ! Have you ever had a fresh passion? All I can say is sweet sassy molassy

9. A fresh passion for my wife! She deserves it. The reason we look for things else where is because what we have get's old. Guess what Jesus can make even our marriage fresh.

10. A word from Jesus! You know I want Jesus to whisper in my ear I still love you, I still want you, I still have plans for you. I firmly believe that I am here for a reason and that reason is for Jesus!

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