Monday, December 22, 2008

What Church is wrong or right

There is so many churches out here today: the traditional, the Contemporary, the seeker friendly, the blended, the denominational, the non-denominational, and the list go on and on. So which do I believe is the right one? The answer is not in the style necessarily, as much as it is in the people’s attitude. I believe there is Churches out there who fit all these styles that are awesome godly churches and there is some who fit these styles who stink. Here are a few questions to ask to determine if the church is solid.

1. Is Jesus the central focus of the Church? It’s easy for a church to focus on everything but Jesus. He has to be the most popular subject in the Church or the church becomes a social club.

2. Are lives being changed? Grant it there has to be a starting point but over time lives should be changed and if there is no change, question the intention of the church.

3. Are relationships easily built? Relationships were important in the early church and they are key for today. We have to Network! And you have to find a place to belong.

4. Are leaders leading? Just because someone is preaching, singing, teaching, etc. doesn’t mean they are leading. A Sheppard leads sheep he doesn’t force, push, or let them travel alone.

5. Have you ever tried to do anything in the church? There is always a place for you to serve!

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