Monday, December 22, 2008

I am ticked!

Here's a few things that tick me off!

1. People complaining about the church who hasn't done one single thing to help the church in their life. They are a critic as I shared a few days ago about. Let me say this, their problem is they want the church to be all about them. They want the church to fit them and not give glory to the one who deserves it! Jesus Christ!

2. Negative people! Everything is falling apart, it's gone to pot, it's not the way it used to be, we can't do that. BLAH! That's all I can say. Right now I say this with tears in my eyes. I pastor a small church, we do not run many people, we struggle in many areas, but I refuse to give up! It's not in me because it wasn't in my savior. I don't have time to look at what's wrong. Here's a question to all you Christians: Are you doing all you can?

3. Blind people! Yes, blind people! People who can't see what's wrong with them because they have a handicap. You see they are crippled by the weaknesses of others. In Matthew, Jesus told us to "pull the plank out of our eye so we sould see clearly how to pull the speck out of our brothers eye." Two things: Our plank is bigger the speck and the reason we pull out the plank is to HELP our brother. Here's the statment of a liftime: "Can you believe they have a speck, it bothers me, I would tell you why it bothers me, but my eye is hurting, I don't know why".

4. Lazy Christians! Let's define lazy! People who set on there butt and don't lift a finger for nothing! So a lazy Christian is self explanatory! People are hopeless, they are lost, they are dying, and Jesus told us to reach them. Lazy Christians say someone else can do it, I will get to it tomorrow, that's not my job.

5. Basketball! OK it's not spiritual! But I hate it. If you run into someone they blow a whistle at you! You see you can run all over someone in footbal and they call it a good play.

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