Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Year

Here are some resolutions I am making for the New Year!

- Be radically different in my faith. The way I think, talk, and live has to be more than a show!

- Become more dependant on Jesus. I want to set my life and ministry on a plane where God has to do it!

- I want to read five books apart from what I am reading at school. (by the I am the slowest reader on earth. I know people who can't read that read faster than I do)

- I want to lose 25 LBS by next December. I am joining a local gym and I can't wait to really see how out of shape I am. I am hoping it kicks my tail

- I want to walk on at UGA as a football player (OK not really).

- I want to be an awesome steward of what God has given me (by the way one of the books I am going to read is about stewardship)

- I want to be a good dater. What's that you say? I want to date my wife this year like never before. We have never stopped dating since we married and I only want that to get better.

- I want to break 90 on an golf course (seriously I have a better chance at walking on at UGA then doing this but I am going to try)

- I want to take time for the three most important things in life. Take time to be holy, be hubby, and for a hobby.

- I want to walk daily with Christ so that when 2009 is over I can look back with no regrets.

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