Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Church

This month we are taking a look at the church, vision, and change. Today we looked at changed! Here's a few thoughts to finish up today.

- Jesus wants me to change why would He not want His church to change.

- We hold on to tradition like the tradition is ours.

- We need to remember that tradition always began with a change!

- We had one guy join the Church (Paul) and it pumped me up

- Our Sunday school class is talking about joining a larger church for a mission trip

- Our church is changing from a inward view to an outward view

- God is bringing some change into my heart right now personally

Prayer: Here are a few things you can help me to pray for

1. 20 souls between now and May (I would like to baptize 10 between now and Easter)

2. A youth pastor

3. Our prayer revival 1/26-28

4. February message series "Love is in the air"

5. A golf tournament in April to raise money for our outreach program.

6. 4 weeks of witnessing in March!

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