Monday, January 5, 2009

Daniel 2 part 2

Verse 30- Daniel layed out here the fact that God was blessing his for not only his benefit but for the benefit of others.

verse 46- Truth crushes the heart of man! Even the hearts of kings.

verse 48- When we trust God, He will bless us even in the presence of our enemies

verse 49- When God takes us to the top our job is to get others there! So many times we think our job is to stay at the top once we get there, but it's not. Our job is to bring others there as well.

Daniel 3

-There are times we are placed in situations where being godly is not easy, it's even life threatening.

Verse 17- God is always able to do the impossible

Verse 22-23- The righteous man availeth much.

Verse 25- We are never alone! We may feel like it but we're not

Trusting God may not seem like the most convient thing to do but in the end it will cause other to recognize who God really is.

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