Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We are living in the vision age! People are constantly talking about vision and honestly I have bought into it. Without vision you have no direction, without direction you no where, and if you aren't going anywhere then we become a couch potato christian. Here are five problems leaders have with vision!

#1 A vision is not just a good idea. I believe some people simply think it's a great idea.

#2 Vision does not come from me it comes from Jesus!

#3 Vision is mandatory it's not optional for a godly church

#4 Vision is not a contemporary thing it's a biblical thing.

#5 Dead churches do not like vision because vision threatens to wake up the dead and hey the dead loves company.

Sunday, I am preaching on vision, imagine that. This month I am preaching a series called "The church Jesus always wanted." I love the church because Jesus loved it!

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