Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The real problem

Tuesday morning when I came in the church I heard a drip! I thought, you not suppose to hear a drip on the inside of the church. This morning I came in and part of the ceiling had fell. That's definitely not suppose to happen. I had a thought and I had to get it out.

The problem is like the problem that so many people have. They try to make the outside look good and don't fix the inside and over time the inside problems ruin the outside beauty. A year or so ago the ceiling was repaired but the leak didn't get fixed. So guess what this time we are going to fix the leak (the ultimate problem).

So many people think the ultimate problem with their life is if I had more money, if I had a better spouse, if my job were more exciting, if I had better luck, better circumstances, a different government, if they had etc. That's right the list goes on and on! Here's the ultimate problem: SIN! We live in a fallen world and if you could change everything above it still would not give you joy. So many Christians are faking who they are because they don't like what is on the inside. If there is sin in your life get it out right now. God is not out get you, He want's to bless you. But you have to BLESSABLE! God hates sin and so should we. You can cover it up but God's promise was, He would uncover it! One final thought He also said that if we would uncover our sin He would cover it!

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