Thursday, January 8, 2009

The problem with lay people

CAUTION:If you are a lazy Christian this will tick you off so read it!

So many times I have talked about leadership, but even in growing churches the numbers speak for themselves. It is said that only 20% of the (lay) people do 80% of the work. So I am fed up with the other 80%. Who claim to be religious and right with God but you see absolutely no fruit from them whatsoever. Let me explain something to you the Church is greatest institute in all the world so here are a few things that I can see lay people struggle with. (By the way lay people not leaders are the backbone of the church)

#1- The belief that it's not my job! Seriously, if serving Christ is not our job then who does it belong to, the muslims? Being a Christian is more than just sitting through a sermon on Sunday morning or going to a gospel singing. Being a Christian means you sell out for Christ. You don't belong to yourself anymore. You give up the rights to your life! That's why so many people are not living an abundant life! They think they doing God an honor by being at church on Sunday, GIVE ME A BREAK!

#2 The belief that if I am a Christian and I don't show up for church for a couple of weeks someone should BEG me to come back. Honestly, I love people and I love encourageing people, but I don't have time to bottle feed Christians. The church is not a diaper changing station! I am so tired of begging people to fall in love with Christ. The problem is that people want to fall in love with the church and they miss the purpose of the church (Jesus).

#3 The I don't trust the church syndrome! Jesus wanted us to place our trust in Him and not the church. The church is how he chose for us to serve Him! The church may have hurt us (it's hurt me too) but Jesus didn't so why have you quit serving Him.

#4 The hobby syndrome! Being a Christian is not just a cheap hobby, it's something we live out! I play golf for a hobby! So why is this important, let me explain: I play when I want to, I try to go to the cheapest course possible but that still meet's my expectations, I hang with the people who are like me, and if the course makes me mad I don't go back. A hobby Christian serves the church when they want to, does not like being challenged, never builds relationships outside their group, and when things don't go right they don't go back.

#5 The it's not for me syndrome! There are people who will read this and think that's not for me. There are people who seromns on sunday and think it's for me. Your right would you send this to the person it needs to go to! Thanks by the way please come to church sunday!

#6 The yard sale syndrome! We need more money, have a yard sale! How about this TITHE! UHMM, that's a good one! If you do not tithe you are so far from God's will it's not even funny!

OK I'm done!

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