Sunday, January 11, 2009

10 Things I loved about this weekend

#10- Our sunday school class. We are looking at a mission trip and I believe everyone is getting fired up about this.

#9- Going to Wal-Mart. I seriously enjoyed going there I don't know why.

#8- Beating Georgia Tech on my x-box 360.

#7- Working out friday!

#6- Sleeping late with Abby yesterday

#5- Going Inoko's Friday night to eat

#4- Seeing Alan Cole (an old friend) Friday night

#3- Preaching on vision today

#2- Casting vision tonight

#1- Watching movies with Abby all day Saturday

Bonus- I enjoyed chasing our Bloodhound all weekend. I have him on a runner and he broke the runner (he's 6 months old and weights around 70 pounds). He's like a 70lbs. baby and absolutley loves people. So when he gets loose he just comes to the back door and sits and waits.

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