Wednesday, February 11, 2009

National Holiday

Yes! Today is my B-day! I have a list of things I really do need if you want to get me something. I think abby is getting me a disc-golf set I think. If not I'm not sure what she's getting me but I she the best gift giver ever only second to me.

I am 28 years old! Sometimes I feel old and then I just look around me and see all these "older" adults around me. Like my family, and well my family. HA! 28 is not old at all. As a matter of fact I feel like a 27 year old and according to most I look like a 17 year old. But I must say to be 28 I have accomplished a lot: I got married (that was a miracle), I've hit four career homeruns in softball (over the fence and it was church league which presented a great deal of presure), I've spoke at first baptist woodstock (I was in the lobby and I spoke to a guy there so I spoke at woodstock! OK that was gay sorry!), by the way the homeruns were amazing and I cry every time I think about them. I've done some the other things that were pretty awesome but who's keeping count! Like the time I told Johnny Hunt that I loved Adrian Rogers and that was all I said because I was like I'm talking to one of my hero's.

Here's a list of people who look up to me!

Ok I am 5'8" nobody!

However, I think if Rick Gragg could be anyone else it would be me, while I am playing golf, so he could be a winner one time.

On a serious note! Thanks for all the calls, cards, text's, and presents that must be on the way. I have a great fan base, I mean I have great friends and family.

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