Friday, February 13, 2009


Tonight we showed "Fireproof" at the church and it was an awesome service! I don't think there was a single person in the room that wasn't broken from this powerful tool that God is really using. Here's a few thoughts I had after the movie.

1- I am so selfish! To imagine how selfish we are is heart breaking. I couldn't help but to think that marriages are destroyed, homes are broken up, lives are messed up, and people go through this life hopeless because we are so selfish.

2- I am my ultimate problem! I must constantly look at myself and no one else.

3- Divorce is not the answer! I know things happen and there is so many who have been affected by this. But we must continue to fight for marriage!

4- Marriage was His idea! What a beautiful idea! Abby is laying here in my view asleep and I wouldn't change her for nothing as I look at her. Thank you God that you have allowed me to experince this.

5- I look like Kirk Cameron! Just kidding! He looks like me.

6- I have actually stood in front of the mirror and said what I wanted to say to a girl before! If you haven't seen the movie you won't understand.

7- We have had over 14 new people pass through our church this week and tonight it was no different! I have seen God really work in some lives the past five days. But hey that's our job to get people to Jesus.

8- What's amazing is when we are amazed when God does something great!

Good Night!!!!

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