Monday, February 16, 2009

I Am Loved

I am Loved and sometimes I forget so easily that God has placed people in my life that love me.

I am loved by my wife! The love that she shows me goes beyond any earthly love that I've ever experinced. She love's me in spite of my imperfection. In the words of Etta James it a "Sunday kind of love, it's a love that goes past saturday night."

I am loved by my family!

I am loved by my friends!

I am loved by my church!

I am loved by our Blood Hound! In a wierd kind of way!

I am loved by God! You know I want to be loved by everyone listed above! But if none of them loved me I could survive on this love! His Love! It's enough! God's love feels all the voids that these other loves leave!

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