Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Bloodhound Christian

I was outside on the back deck tonight and was watching our bloodhound Sam! He saw me, came out of his doghouse, and sit there looking at me and it hit me! I need to be more like him. For example:

If Abby or I are around him, he has to be touching us. He's not a foot away or running away he has to be touching us. God wants us constantly touching Him! He doesn't want us at a distance or simply looking at Him. He wants us to touch Him with our lives.

We turned him loose and seriously he wouldn't get more than 20 feet away then he would run back to us. When I am serving God he never wants me ahead of Him or behind Him but walking with Him.

A little over a week ago Sam ran away (had a little discipline issue). Now he was free! No runner to be tied to, no doghouse to lay in, no running and playing only when you get turned loose and yet he returned. I don't think he returned because he was hungry or thirsty. I believe returned because of us. God will feed us, give us something to drink, and take care of our needs and yet we still simply desire Him whether we admit it or not. We don't desire another Bible study or another conference or even another revival. We desire Him!

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