Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fired Up

Here are a few things I am fired up about!

#1- Date night tomorrow night!

#2- Sunday! Seriously, we are looking at Abraham and how he was able to celebrate his family because he trusted in God.

#3- March! We have everything from an ordination service to a massive outreach project going on and I can't wait! We also have a Sunday growth campaign going on where all our classes will be competing against each other. I also am praying for God to rattle some lives with the Gospel during this month!

#4- Vacation! OK it's a little oer a month away but I can't wait!

#5- Steroid convention! I have to apologize to everyone out there! I was on the juice for about two years back during the church leauge softball days which explains the breakout season I had in 02! But I did not inhale! Sorry, wrong apology!

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