Sunday, February 22, 2009

what a day!

Well today was interesting day!

- We had three people accept Christ in the morning service!

- We had one person join from another church in the morning service.

- We had an awesome service and saw God move in such a way that shocked everyone.

- I was told that two people were leaving the church. I wanted to get upset about this and I was reminded that Jesus didn't keep everbody.

- Change is impacting our church in a way that is challengeing even me.

- In the words of Perry Noble "I am in over my head"

- Worship this morning was out of this world!

- The people who are apparently leaving is on my mind! I love them but I am not going to beg them to stay until the next time they see the one thing they don't like and threaten to leave again.

- We have had over 17 people new at our church in the past two weeks. 8 of which has been more than once and 3 who have joined us here at Shoal Creek!

- With that being said! I want to be radical and see God change this community. So I am going to go to bed and rest now! Good night!

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