Thursday, March 12, 2009


Wow!!! That's all I can say about this conference. Here's a few thoughts from today.

- We were able to take nine people with us and I think everyone came back ready to win this community at all cost.

- Perry Noble rocked! That's all I can say! By the way tomorrow I will post some of the notes I wrote down today.

- New Springs new children and youth facilities kicked tail.

- When everyone from our church layed hands on me and prayed then looked at me and said that they had my back, I wept! Seriously, I love this church and these people, they are the best.

- As Perry said last year "conferences don't give vision" but it sure helps refresh the vision in my heart.

- God doesn't want us to be New Spring or any other church! He wants us to be Shoal Creek!

- I am thankful to be in ministry! I don't make that much financially but I believe God called me to do this full time and that's what I am doing!

- I'm not holding anything back! I will not be remembered as the pastor who visited everyone sick. I want to remembered as the pastor who wanted to reach the world for Christ!!!

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