Thursday, March 5, 2009

Word freak

I am word freak! I love words: how they sound, what they mean, and how they apply to my life! So here are a few words that I am allowing to work on me right now!

Desperate- Seriously, I am desperate for God! For His love, His hope, His mercy, His truth, His Grace, His compassion, His direction, His wisdom, His promises, and more than anything else I am desperate for Him! He’s all I want! Shoal Creek can be whatever He wants it to be, my success can be whatever He wants it to be, my future can be whatever He wants it to be, right now I just want Him. I want to crave Him like an addiction, I want to long for Him like a teenage boy longs for that teenage girl that He just met, I want to be excited about Him like a kid excited about Christmas, I want to get to the place that I don't give a flipping rip what people think about my passion . I want to be DESPERATE!

More tomorrow!

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