Sunday, March 15, 2009

Word Freak Part Two

The second word I am a freak about is passion! I feel that there so many who either passionate about nothing or passionate about everything but Christ. Passion would have to describe where I am at right now above all things. I want to be passionate about Christ, His Word, and His Church! Three things I am doing to remain passionate right now is:

1- Trying listen to God! I have been seeing it in His Word and then I go and hear all day Thursday at Unleash. I want to hear His voice. So I am trying to get still enough to pay attention to Him.

2- Personal worship! I am increasing the time I worship God personally. I am surrounding myself with songs, books, and an attitude that will allow me to worship.

3- Allowing people into my life! I have allowed more people into the core of who I am in the last four months than ever before. That's tough when you are trying to lead people and then you give them permission to critique who you are! By the way this isn't just anybody these are people I would trust come hell or high waters.

Sunday Services:

Tonight was awesome! We done home groups and I feel that were some relationships that were built that a regular Sunday night would never accomplish. This morning was off the chain! We saw two people say yes to Jesus and that like five people in the last three weeks. I have been writing cards to our visitors and my arm is about to fall off! I think I have wrote close to thirty in three weeks. BTW that's a ton of writing for me!

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