Monday, March 16, 2009

Six things I hate about church

Six things I hate about the church. Not the Church that Christ died for, rather, the church we've made it.

#1- Attackers! I hate people who attack others more than lifting up Jesus. And then they do it all in His name. I am very careful about what I say about other preachers and churches. Any way God has not called me to set these other preachers straight He's called me to preach His Word!

#2- Religious politics! Some Christians are more passionate about politics than they are Jesus and this drives me crazy. God did not call me to be the by-law administrator, He called me to be His!

#3- Fence riders! People who will ride the fence and you don't have a clue where they stand. I am going to battle and if I am going to fight a battle and I want to know where the soldiers around me stand.

#4- Dead weight! I cannot stand people in the body not pulling there weight! They will be the first person to tell you what they think but they won't do anything else. I don't care how nice they are or how long they've been there they are dead weight.

#5- Sometime Christians! This is huge! People who are Christians when it's only convenient. Heck everybody in the south is a Christian! But I look around and I am like are you kidding.

#6- Tall preachers! I seriously cannot stand tall preachers I think everyone should be my height. Just kidding!

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