Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Unleash Part Two

Here some more things I jotted down at "Unleash".

- Who is with me? Who's got my back?

- I have to buy into people!

- Am I pleasing God?

- I have to yield privately

- Do I understand that ministry is received not achieved! Wow!

- I'm not that good!

- Am I placing limits on me that God has not placed on me!

- Will I see God and will others see God through what we are doing?

- Are we providing Jesus?

- We have to be into repentance not attendance!

- What's next? Am I asking and expecting God to do something else for His glory?

- In Exodus you constantly see the saying "God said to Moses". Am I listening to God?

- This was my favorite! "People will drive a long way to see a fire!"

- "I have to protect my family"! No one else will!

- "Preach, Teach, and Celebrate money!"

- The sermon begins in the parking lot!

That's about it!

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