Sunday, April 12, 2009


Some final thoughts:

* Just got back from vacation on Friday. I miss it!

* Our services were great today. (We had four people receive Christ) That makes everything worth while.

* The choir was on top of it's game today.

* I am so tired!

* I am eating lunch tomorrow with Dr. Bob Claytor to talk about going to Africa in July.

* I am watching America's Funniest videos and they are showing people asleep and what's even more amazing is Abby is about to go down for the count as well.

* She's gone.

* We had ten new people at church today which was pretty awesome.

* We also had around 64 people today in our worship services which was the most we've seen on a Sunday morning and thirteen in our choir which was pretty freaking cool as well.

* I am ready for the next five months in our church. I believe we are going to see incredible things!

* God is truly working in our church. Last July we had 14 in Sunday school and 28 in worship. We are averaging around 23 in Sunday School, 50 in worship, we have seen around 13 people accept Christ and I'm ready for what's next.

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