Thursday, April 2, 2009

Four Things the church did well in Acts

Part 3: They thought outwardly

Man, this church was such outward thinkers that it’s not even funny. They were constantly looking at how they could spread the Gospel outside their region to those who hadn’t heard yet. They were constantly going outside their four walls and being the church Jesus wanted them to be.

Today, church has become nothing more than a building that we have to keep up. When you are that inward focused all you see is how clean the church is, is everything running properly, and is the grass cut. As a matter of fact we spend more time focusing on these things then we do being the Church.

We have to get back to the place where we think and look outwardly, externally, superficially! We have to become focused in pointing others to Jesus and not to a building. Jesus is the only one who can transform a life bottom line! So quit worrying about the things that have no eternal implications and start concentrating on the things that actually matter.

By the way some of the synonyms for inward is hidden, private, and secret. Words that do not describe Jesus and His Church.

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