Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Four Things the Church in Acts Did Well

Part 4: They produced Disciples

We are so caught up at times in getting someone to Jesus that we don't get them plugged into His church (not our church His Church). Now don't let me throw you a curve we need to get people to Jesus. The problem is that once they are there we go to the next person. This can be good and bad. The positive side is we are reaching people for Jesus and the negative side is that we are neglecting those who come to Him.

Jesus can take care of His people and I am well aware of that but He uses His Church to do a great deal of taking care of them. Our job is to point people to Jesus: In salvation, in their daily walk, and in serving Him. I am consumed right now with looking at our process as a church in making disciples. Is it working? The Church in Acts built community within the church and did not rely on the anyone else.

Are we as disciples of Christ relying on Jesus and each other like the church in Acts did?

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