Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thoughts On The Church

We are going through the book of Revelation right now and I wanted to give a few thoughts on the church.

- Jesus loves His Church! Seriously, He told the church at Laodicea that He would discipline those He loved.

- Jesus was truthful with the Church! If Jesus could write a letter to your church what might He say. Would He commend, would He rebuke it, would we like it.

- Too many Pastors today are afraid of being truthful with the church. The only time many will get truthful is when they get hurt but then it's not out of love so the truth not received

- Jesus knows our church better than we do! We will read every book, go to every conference, and have twenty five meetings a week to figure out how to explain our church and what it needs; when Jesus knows exactly what we needs. He knows its weaknesses as well as its strengths. It kills me when a church brings in a consultant group to figure out how to get their church to grow. Try this: LISTEN TO JESUS!

- Church is simple! Listen to Jesus! To all seven churches Jesus told them this. If He told them to listen maybe we need to ask for better hearing so we want miss what God is trying to tell us to do to make Church work.

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