Friday, July 3, 2009

Five things that will HELP you!

There are a few things that will give a leader sanity in ministry! I wanted to share a few of those things tonight!

#1- Listening to God

To many times we get caught up in everything that's going on around us and we forget to listen to God! We will listen to everyone in the world but Him! I am not worried about job security, I am not worried about what if, and I am not going to have a melt down if someone doesn't like me! I am called by God, to serve God, for His glory, and nothing else matters!

#2- Listening to GODLY people!

I want to hear God and then I want to hear GODLY people! There is a difference between people and godly people! People want what they like and what they prefer, godly people wants what God wants! If you are not in His Word, in your closet, and in His Church then there is no way for you to be godly! Seriously, I refuse to listen to someone who is more concerned about their agenda then God's.

#3- Not crying when someone leaves!

Not everyone stayed with Jesus and so I don't expect everyone to stay with me! Vision will push the non-God seekers away! If you are not seeking Christ and there is a strong vision for Christ in the church then you are going to have a tough time staying!

#4- Rejecting gossip!

Gossip will tear a church down quicker than anything else! Someone calls someone else to tear down what going on! Hears the thing I am afraid of if God is the one doing what's happening then I feel sorry for the person who stands in the way! If you live for Christ and you do His will then God will lift you up! I think gossip is a SIN that God hates! It's time that we reject gossip!!!

#5- Stepping away!

My success is Abby and our child that's on the way! Sometimes just don't worry about those who don't support the vision, step away, and look at what's in front of you!

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