Thursday, July 2, 2009


This Sunday we are going to continue a message series dealing with sin in our lives! This past week we dealt with being stuck! This week we are going to talk about getting un-stuck! This series is primarily for Christians who can't get freed up from a particular sin in their life!

You know as I have dealt with this issue in my own life the one thing I am learning about Christians in our area is that they have plenty of Bible knowledge but they don't put that into play. I was talking to a pastor this week who told me that "for years he placed the emphasis in Ephesians 2:8 on grace instead of faith but now he realized that grace was abundant but our faith wasn't". I have been blown away by that comment.

We have to grow our faith! We have to be stretched to the place that God wants us to be on a constant basis. Most of the time when God calls us to do something it will cost us something! Sometimes it's time, other times it's money, and then theirs times when it will cost us everything! But in order to activate grace it starts with faith!

It's only through this growing faith that we can deal with sin! The problem with sin is that we can't fix it, so we have to allow God's grace to fix it and the only way His grace can fix sin is when our faith allows grace to step in and do it's job. Grace is the gun but our faith pulls the trigger.

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