Monday, June 22, 2009

Things I Am processing in my mind right now!

- The church has a problem! But what is the greatest problem the church faces? Is it programs, facilities, or leadership? I believe the greatest problem we face as a church is SIN!!! Satan would love to make us think that sin is not our greatest problem and that we need to focus on fixing other things! Well guess what that’s a lie straight from hell!

- How to deal with criticism! I hate when someone tells me that they don’t like what I am doing! There two things I am dealing with on this topic! First, there is times when I need to stand firm and trust the vision God has given me! Secondly, I cannot let my pride keep me from being right! There are times when we say those magic words “God told to do this”. I am very careful and fearful about this. Because listening to God is tough and I don’t want to blame Him for my pride.

- Quitting Mountain Dew! This is the big one! I feel so tired most of the time so I am committing to living healthier. I drink around 5 a day! I may start a MDA (Mountain Dewics anonymous)

- How am I doing on my New Year’s resolution? I have read two of the five books apart from school, date night is going great, I shot a 92 in golf and that means I am fixing to break 90, I am struggling with living out faith in radical way so I am re-committing, and the weight thing well I have lost a grand total of three pounds! How is your New year’s resolutions going?

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