Monday, July 20, 2009

A Kingdom Mindset

A Kingdom Picture will change a few things in your life!

#1 You will look outside your church! It's easy to see our church and not His Church, it's easy to fill up our church and not His Church, and it's easy to love our church and not His Church.

#2 You wil pray for other churches! If we would stop being in such a competition with other churches and start praying for other churches we just might see God's Kingdom grow!

#3 It will change how you grow your church! Church growth show grow the Kingdom! Some church growth has not been from Kingdom growth but from other church decline. I will never consider healthy church growth gaining disgruntle members from another church. Now if someone has simply left a church and the church didn't pursue them I will go after them but that's it! Even then it's not Kingdom growth!

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