Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One thing that would change the church

One thing that would change the church is realizing that hell is real! We forget so many times that hell is not just a fictious religious term. At times I believe people forget that there is a hell just as there is a heaven and people from our area are going there if they don't have a relationship with Christ. With that being said I need to clarify a few things that I have said that have been brought to my attention.

I said that we didn't need to cry as a leader if people left our church. I want to make sure everyone understands this. I do not believe that everyone has to agree with me. I do not believe that our church or any other church should ignore people in order that they leave. There are people in the church that I like more than others but even then I don't want anyone to leave. When we get to heaven if that's my attitude then I don't believe you will see me there.

What I do believe is this! There are people who will never be happy no matter what I do. They will never be content, they will never see the bright side of things, and they will never stop and say "could I be wrong". So what I have learned is that I have litterally begged people to stay and a month later I was begging again. It's not worth it! Some people have to see for themselves that you really do love them but the only way they will ever see it is through their own eyes.

Now the reason I started this blog off the way I did is because of this! I can't set around and continue to go back and forth concerning the vision God has laid on my heart. I want to say something to every Shoal Creek member: I love you! And I promise you that every thing I have done as a pastor is after much prayer and study of God's Word and I would like to ask one thing of each of you. Please try! That's all I am asking! Just try! We remodel our houses, we buy new clothes, we buy new shoes, we make new freinds, we buy new cars, and if our church is not willing to change and try something new then in twnety years there may not be a Shoal creek Baptist church. If you love this church please try and if you love this community please try!!! Right now somewhere in this world as we speak someone is going to hell so please help me to prevent this from happening here in our community. When I came I asked for five years and so give the benefit of the doubt. Give me five years! That is just four more and after that if it's not working then I am gone! There won't be any hard fillings (heck there won't be any of those anyway right now) if you want me gone then!

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