Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Main Thing

This past week there has been an uproar of attention to a situation in Mass. where a white cop arrested a black professor. Today our president, who I do my best not say much about, had a beer with the two guys and tried to work out things. This was ridiculous!!! He should have never been involved in the whole thing! We have troops dying every day overseas, the economy is in shambles, and he is worried about an arrest in Massachusetts. But this does not frustrate me like the following issue!

The church has the same problem! We are constantly putting our nose in things that God never called us to put our nose in. He never called to protect the environment, He never called us to get involved in politics, and He never called us to take on social issues. He called us to promote His son Jesus Christ! He called us to lift Jesus as high as we could lift Him! We cannot get side tracked. God's Word has not called us to focus on abortion, alcohol, same sex marriages, or any other issue you can think of. He has called us to get people to Jesus and to teach them to grow in their walk with Him! Keep the main thing the main thing! Jesus is our main thing!!!!!

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