Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scared as Crap

I got pulled over today for no insurance. I was like are you kidding? The deputy told me "no I am not kidding you have no insurance". We both got on the phone and called the insurance company to figure this whole thing out. They told the deputy that I had a policy but no vehicle's was on the policy. I was like what kind of policy do I have? So we finaly got it fixed.

I left there and I wandered how many people go through life and think they are ok because they are a good person, have done some good deeds, and they aren't as bad as some other people. Here's the thing they don't know Christ! They have never started a relationship with Jesus. One day they will stand before God and He will say "depart from I never knew you". They are going to be in for the sadest day of their life. Don't miss Jesus because you think you are good enough!

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mdchaney said...

This makes me want to cry just reading this. Rest in peace, Jonathan.